NOPiLogoPunaneRing (1)NOP – is a cafe and a shop that got its name about 10 years ago, when Tallinn lacked a Neighborhood Organic Place.





neighborhood place, where locals meet, many friends are made and good time is spent, where everybody feels welcome, being that a young family, somebody with a pet or somebody who just came from a nice stroll from Kadriorg Park that is so close by.

Organic means that the best local and organic, where possible (or at least from small producers), produce is used for making everyday breakfast, lunch, dinner, and also sold in a little shop that resides in the same place with the cafe.


PRODUCTS & FOOD. We make everything by hand and never use anything chemical. Therefore, when you come to us, you can taste how the real taste of the food and see the real colors of it. We are excited to try out baking/cooking without gluten, lactose, sugar and animal protein. Therefore you can always find something on the menu that either speaks to you philosophically or is according to your dietary needs.






We’re open daily between

Monday – Friday 8 am – 9 pm

on weekends 9 am – 8 pm


On holidays we’re open as weekends, open at 9am, please contact for exact times, if not listed here.


nop-gurmeeturg-2016-veebi43SEASONAL NEWS: Yearly Fall Gourmet Market takes place every second Saturday in September in NOP’s Garden. Please book the calendars for it to take part in this wonderful event – it’s happening on the 14th September 2019 from 10am-4pm in our garden and this year we’re celebrating Gourmet Market’s 10th Birthday!

The inspiration to have this day has always come from food – we’ve introduced during these years everything from colorful veggies to handcrafted beer, whatever has been new to the market this year. What will be on the focus this year, will show September. We invite producers all over Estonia, who do something special and with their hearts. People on both sides of the counters, the ones who innovate our food industry and the ones who come to see, have been happy to gather at this wonderful once-in-a year event. Book your calendars and see you here!:)

Over the Christmas we will do an ongoing market of Christmas goods inside our shop and– we’ll start in mid December and have it until the first week of January, trying to meet everybody’s holidays and needs.


We’re located in a charming old (very woody:) neighborhood of Tallinn, Kadriorg. We’re happy to take care of and old over 100 years wooden house and its wonderful garden.

Please find us at Köleri Street 1 

For BOOKINGS please e-mail or call +372 6032270. Currently we’re not taking bookings for weekends for less than 4people. The reason being – we’ll fit everybody, please just come and see:).

For all other requests please contact


We’d be happy to serve you, welcome or ‘Tere Tulemast’ as locals say ;)



NOPiLogoPunaneRing (1)NOPs menu

Monday – Friday 8am – 9pm

On weekends 9am – 8pm


6NOP-i sügis-talv 2015 (9) NOP-i sügis-talv 2015 (14)










freshly baked croissants (w/butter or vegan whole wheat), classical sweet or salty, definitely vegan or glutenfree

i n s e a s o n

RICEPORRIDGE w/ RAISINS & CHERRY JAM (G, L, V)                            6

porridge rice, raisins, coconutmilk, vanilla paste, sugar, salt, cherry jam w/ tonka beans

WARMING PUREE SOUP w/ ROASTED VEGGIES (G, L, V)                       7.5

nutmeg pumpkin, yellow beetroot, celeriac, carrot, onion, garlic, coconut-soy milk, spices, lemon, pumpkin- & sesame seeds, sesame oil

choose tofu/bacon/soft goat cheese from Kalamatsi farm


ground raw buckwheat, gf oat flakes, chia seeds, dried tomatoes, garlic & onion, poached egg, white fish roe, spinach, marinated red onion, cream cheese w/ organic salted cucumber & chives

PANNA COTTA w/ SPICES & SEA BUCKTHORN (G)                            4.5

milk, heavy cream, sugar, salt, gelatin, vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, ginger, sea buckthorn

s w e e t e r

GREEK YOGURT w/ seabuckthorn-apple jam (G)         6.5

Greek yogurt, granola (gf oats, puffed buckwheat, apple, quince, rose hip flour, ginger, turmeric, pumpkin-sunflour-flaxseeds, farin sugar, cane sugar moulasses, rapeseed oil), seabuckthorn-apple jam(vanilla paste, jam sugar), freeze dried cranberries

MATCHA PORRIDGE w/ chia & raspberry jam (G, L, V) 6.7

gf oats, matcha, chia- & flaxseeds, coconut- & soy milk, maple- & agave syrup, banana, dried berries

*can be made warm

RICOTTA PANCAKES w/ raspberry jam (G)                 6.5

small pancakes w/ farm ricotta, gf flour, gf oat flour & cranberries, raspberry jam & sour cream

CHIA WAFFLE w/ pumpkin jam & pistachio cream       7.5

almond-, rice-, gf oat flour chia waffles w/ pumpkin jam (lemon, orange, ginger, cinnamon, sugar & cardamom), pistachio cream (agave syrup, gf oat cooking cream), freeze dried berries (V, G, L)

e g g s

ORGANIC SCRAMBLED EGGS (G, L)                             7

spinach, grilled cherry tomatoes, cress, sprouts, carrot vinaigrette

add bacon +2; avocado/grilled cheese +2.5; salmon +3

LATKE with GRAVLAX & TZATZIKI (G)                       8.5

potato pancake w/ capers & dill, tzatziki sauce, gravlax,

fried egg, fresh salad, radish, carrot vinaigrette

KIMCHI LATKE with organic FRIED EGG (G)                    8

red cabbage kimchi, potato pancake, fried egg, bacon,

organic salted cucumber & chive cream cheese

ORGANIC POACHED EGGS w/ smoked salmon (L)  8.5

avocado-green bean mash on toasted seeded rye bread,

salad with carrot vinaigrette, kimchi sauce

GF with buckwheat soda bread +1

add-ons: fried egg/sourdough +1; feta/NOPs hummus/ poached egg +1.5; tempeh/bacon +2; avocado/grilled

cheese/goat cheese +2.5; cold smoked salmon/ tiger prawns / gravlax +3

l i g h t

BEEF TARTAR w/ kimchi egg yolk gel (L)                       9

organic beef, egg yolk with kimchi juice, sauce w/ gochujang paste, ginger, garlic, honey & soy, on top chanterelles, radish, capers, cress, sourdough

HUMMUS (G, L, V)                                                            7

roasted garlic hummus, sous vide roasted thyme carrots, toasted sourdough, sprouts, cress, sesame- & pumpkinseeds

AVOCADO TOAST w/ two style carrots (L, V)           6/8.5

sourdough, green bean & avocado mash, kimchi carrot, Asian style marinated carrots, rucola, sprouts, carrot vinaigrette, sprouts, pumpkin seeds roasted w/ Worcester sauce; add goat cheese/bacon +2; gravlax/cold smoked salmon +3;

GF with buckwheat soda bread +1

d i s h e s

TRUFFLE POLENTA w/ parmesan & feta (G)                  8

cornmeal polenta, truffle paste, parmesan, soy milk, turmeric, nutritional yeast, garlic, red onion, garnish w/ feta, sprouts, cress, spring onion, parmesan


boiled & fried raw buckwheat w/ leek, spinach & fermented jalapeño(not spicy), spring onion, sprouts, basil-parsley pesto

add tofu +1.5, tempeh/goat cheese +2, avocado +2.5

REAL BUCKWHEAT  (G)                                                                 7

boiled & fried raw buckwheat w/ bacon, leek, spinach,

sour cream (L-without sour cream)

add fried egg +1, goat cheese +2; gravlax +3

OVEN SHAKSHUKA with organic egg                         8

(L – no feta; G – no sourdough, VEGAN – with tofu)

spicy Middle-Eastern, garlicy onion-red bell pepper-tomato stew, oven cooked egg & sourdough, feta, spring onion, coriander; add bacon +2

RICH SEAFOOD STEW (G, L)                                           14

tomato based stew w/ tiger prawns, salmon, squid & mussels, dill, lemon

LENTIL SOUP (G, L, V)         7.5

red lentils, garlic, onion, carrot, vegetable bouillon, crushed tomatoes, coriander, cumin, lemon juice, sriracha

VEGGIE bowl w/ tempeh or grilled farm cheese (G, V, L)          10

warm chickpeas, pumpkin kimchi & kale, oven roasted yellow

carrots sweet potato, fermented cauliflower, broccoli, dukkah (sesame seeds, peanuts, green pepper, coriander-fennel seeds), tahini-turmeric sauce, pomegranate glazed tempeh

NOPs CAESAR SALAD with grilled tiger prawns              11.5

vegan dressing, salads, tomato, pumpkin & pine seeds,

marinated chickpeas (G, L)

VEGAN w/ pomegranate marinated tempeh

VIETNAMESE SALAD with duck (L, G in hoisin sauce)       11.5

shredded duck confit, glass noodles, iceberg lettuce, snow peas, mango, peanuts, fresh herbs, coriander, lime


blackcurrant marinated herring, organic salted cucumber & chive cream cheese , potato pancake w/ capers & dill, salad, radish, cucumber, roasted cherry tomatoes & carrot vinaigrette

OVEN BAKED TTEOKBOKKI w/ chicken or tiger prawns   (G, L)    13.5

Korean rice pasta w/ sweet & sour sauce, tofu w/ dill, yellow beetroot, shiitake mushrooms, garlic, onion, paprika, turmeric, ginger, gf soy sauce, sriracha, vegan mozzarella, spring

onion, coriander, sprouts /VEGAN                                      11

VEGAN “CRUMP” TACO (G, L, V)         12

Crump hemp & pea protein vegan minced meat, corn taco, corn, garlic, onion, cherry tomatoes, red paprika, coriander, avocado aioli, salad, cress, carrot vinagrette


at low temperature in sous vide medium plus doneness slightly seasoned duck filet, sweet potato puree with black garlic, cherry chutney, broccoli, cress

*** *** ***

CAKES: please check our cake counter or ask us, but you definitely find something glutenfree, vegan, raw or our house classics


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 17 (1)45






V– vegan L– lactose free, G– glutenfree. We use only organic Äntu farm’s eggs in our dishes, source buckwheat and oats from local organic farms. 

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Boiled organic raw BUCKWHEAT with sour cream or butter (G)     3

add bacon +2

PASTA       4.5

creamy pasta with cheese and grilled chicken filet

MEATBALLS (G)             4.5

homemade pork-veal meatballs, mashed potato , sour cream,  cucumbers & tomatoes


small pancakes w/ ricotta, gf flour, oat flour & cranberries, raspberry jam & sour cream, fresh berries

GREEK YOGURT w/ seabuckthorn-apple jam (G)   6.5

Greek yogurt, granola (gf oats, puffed buckwheat, apple, quince, rose hip flour, ginger, turmeric,

pumpkin-sunflour-  flaxseeds, farin sugar, cane sugar moulasses, rapeseed oil),

seabuckthorn-apple jam(vanilla paste, jam sugar), freeze dried cranberries

CHIA WAFFLE w/ pumpkin jam & pistachio cream (V, G, L)   5.5

almond-, rice-, gf oat flour chia waffles w/ pumpkin jam (lemon, orange, ginger, cinnamon,

sugar & cardamom), pistachio cream (agave syrup, gf oat cooking cream), freeze dried berries